foreign exchange

Blue Crown FX is a leading Israeli foreign exchange service provider licensed by the Ministry of Finance.

We have built up strong relationships with Israeli banks over the past 10 years & together with the volume of trades we bring in, we are able to secure premium exchange rates from Israeli trading desks and in turn pass significant savings onto our customers.

Blue Crown FX guarantees to provide you:



Unbeatable exchange rates for your currency transfer



The fastest available international payments



An exceptional level of service



Guidance with navigating the complex Israeli Banks’ compliance requirements

Why use Blue Crown FX

Our service is fast, friendly, and commission-free. We transact daily with clients from North America, Europe, Australasia & Southern Africa via swift and I-Ban transfer. Having set up a priority receipt system with our bank partners, we are able to receive wires quicker than individual customers directly through their banks.

For example, we can help you convert Dollars to Shekels when needing to bring money into Israel for a property purchase, making aliya, buying a car, or for monthly wires.

Businesses or non-profits also use our service monthly or periodically when needing to bring in foreign currency and we can help set up procedures to make the process as simple and seamless as possible.

We have serviced close to 1,000 happy clients since 2009 – contact us to become another one.