First Time Buyers

Getting a mortgage is one of the most important financial decisions you will make in your lifetime. There are many mortgage products to choose from and not all will suit your personal and/or financial needs.

We take care of our client’s mortgage needs from A-Z, from figuring out what you can afford until you get your key! We help make sense of the different mortgage options based on the clients individual profile and what makes best economic sense.

Having worked and built up good relationships with the leading Israeli mortgage banks, we are able to source the best rates and terms for our clients based on their needs.

When sourcing a new mortgage, our service includes the following:



Advising and guiding the client of the best mortgage breakdown to suit their needs



Negotiating and advocating on behalf of the client for the lowest rates and best terms



Collecting all relevant documentation needed for loan application and renegotiation



Liaising with all relevant parties (i.e. lawyers, real estate agents, and contractors)



Applying for and obtaining the mortgage approval

Based on our relationships with various banks and the volume we bring them, the interest rates and terms that we are able to obtain are much lower than the rates obtained by an individual approaching the bank directly.

We will save you time and spare you the frustration of dealing with the banks while keeping the process of buying a home as hassle free as possible.