who we are

Blue Crown Capital has processed over 800 mortgages since our founding in 2007. This has given us tremendous insight into the property market across Israel through our experience and relationships with the mortgage banks, property appraisers, property agents and lawyers.

Leveraging this experience has lead us to advise numerous clients with regards to property investments in Israel.

We have access to deal flow and have successfully matched clients with profitable investment opportunities in the Israeli real-estate market.

Since our interest and expertise is to arrange the financing, we are able to provide independent and objective advice to investors when making their investment decisions.

Our Team

who we are

Moshe Cohen
CEO and Owner

Moshe joined Blue Crown Capital in 2009 as the business’s first employee outside of its founding partners.
In 2012 he bought out the company’s existing shareholder and took over as CEO of both Blue Crown Capital and Blue Crown FX.
With over 10 years’ experience in Israeli mortgages and having dealt directly with well over 500 loans, Moshe has become a leading and recognized expert in the field.
Moshe has a commerce degree in accounting and economics. He loves being able to help clients save time and money when making complex financial decisions.
He lives in Modiin with his wife and 4 kids.

Ayelet Raab
Senior Mortgage Consultant

Ayelet joined Blue Crown in May 2013 as a senior mortgage consultant. Over the past 7 years she has helped many families actualize their dream of owning a home in Israel by guiding them and advocating on their behalf to get the best possible mortgage terms that suit their needs. With a degree in Family Therapy, Ayelet uses her interpersonal skills to help understand her clients position, lower stress levels, and keep the whole process as calm as possible.
Ayelet made Aliya in 1994 as a teenager, giving her the advantage of being completely bi-langual in order to better help her clients navigate the banking system in Israel. Ayelet herself is a happy home owner, currently living with her husband and 4 children in Buchman, Modi’in.

Yael Pearlman
FX Liaison and Office Manager:

Yael joined Blue Crown in January 2012 as an office manager and FX liaison. She coordinates between our clients and the banks making sure all transactions run smoothly, and dealing with the day to day compliance for conversions and transfers.
She has a wealth of expertise in global financial transfers, and over the past 9 years has assisted our clients in making sure their funds are accessible and ready when they need.

Tamar Hyman
FX Liaison and Office Manager:

Tamar joined Blue Crown in 2021 as an office manager and FX liaison. She has assisted many clients with their successful transfers from all over the world into Israel and vice versa. From first client contact, through handling of back-office operations and transfer completion, she ensures the process is as smooth as possible.

Before making Aliyah from London in 2015, Tamar worked in an admin and finance role within a large Jewish charity. She has now settled in Modi’in with her husband and three children.

Alon Chazan
Mortgage consultant and group business development:

Alon Chazan has been working in the financial service sector for over 13 year. He has worked with companies such as Vat IT and Moneygram International , leading international companies in Vat reclaims and remittance industries. His vast experience and expertise lies in sales and business development.


With over 15 years of combined experience in the Israeli mortgage field, Blue Crown Capital’s team is available to offer you top customer service, professionalism, and attention to detail.

Our aim is to help our clients to purchase properties in Israel by simplifying the mortgage process and making sure our clients get the right type of mortgage with the best rates and terms on the market. The mortgage system in Israel is complex and the options and products differ to what is available in most other countries.

Too often, we see the banks providing the wrong types of mortgages to clients with the banks best interest in mind. This costs the clients many tens and hundreds of thousands of shekel over the life of the mortgage. We understand the complexity of the Israeli mortgage system and act as an independent go-between on behalf of our clients and the banks.

Our entire staff is bi-lingual and has the industry knowledge and experience to guide you throughout the mortgage process while maintaining the experience of purchasing your home as hassle free as possible.