Refinancing Feasibility Check



Blue Crown Capital offers a unique service to anyone who wants to know whether it is worth while to refinance their mortgage. We will look at your most recent statement from your mortgage bank and advise you if it's worthwhile to pursue a mortgage refinance. The following criteria are considered:
  • Remaining payment
  • Remaining period
  • Original loan terms (Interest rates and type of mortgage)
  • Current interest rates
  • Penalty (if applicable) for closing out mortgage
Blue Crown Capital will only advise a client to proceed if it seems likely that the client will receive significantly improved rates and terms.
Simply send us an updated mortgage statement (Peirut/siluk Mashkanta) which can be received via fax by calling your current mortgage bank at the numbers below:
Poalim: *2401
Leumi: *6062
Mizrahi Tefahot: 1700-70-60-60 or 02-6215883
Beinleumi: *3533
Discount: 1700-70-2222
Igud: Click here for contact details



Blue Crown Capital - Refinancing Feasibility Check

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