What are the costs involved in taking a mortgage?


The banks charge a fee for opening a file which is typically 0.25% of the mortgage. Blue Crowns clients' get a significant discount on this fee from the banks. There are a few additional fees such as having an appraiser asses the property which costs somewhere between 800 and 4000 NIS. There is no tax paid on a mortgage in Israel. Additional expenses include property insurance and may include life insurance.

What type of loan can a foreign resident get in Israel?
There are a number of banks that offer loans to foreign residents in Israel. Each of these banks has its own individual products and terms of loan. The rates and service can vary between different lenders.

What percentage loan will the banks give of a property?
Israeli banks will only be able to give up to a maximum of 75% financing of the value of the property. This only applies to first time buyers or to people selling their only property to buy a new one.
Foreign residents and/ or investors are only allowed up to 50%. It is possible to get further financing by taking mortgage guarantee insurance through EMI. The mortgage bank will apply to EMI on your behalf.

What is EMI?
EMI is Israel's only mortgage insurance company dealing exclusively with insurance intended to cover the credit risk inherent in loans with high loan-to-value ratios, in which the mortgage asset is not sufficient to cover the debt and expenses in the event of the borrowers default in payment of the loan.
Click here for more information from EMI's website.

What are Blue Crowns fees?
Please contact us to discuss your mortgage needs and requirements and we will contact you to discuss our fees.

What is the advantage of using Blue Crown Capital?
Blue Crown will advise you as to the best mortgage in Israel.
Blue Crown will advise its clients as to the best mortgage for their particular circumstances.

Blue Crown has been successful in securing excellent rates and terms for clients which results in significant savings over the life term of the mortgage.


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