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Blue Crown Capital was founded in 2007.
Our aim is to help our clients to purchase properties in Israel by simplifying the mortgage process and making sure our clients get the right type of mortgage at the best rates.
The mortgage system in Israel is complex and the options and products differ to what is available in most other countries.
Too often, we see the banks providing the wrong types of mortgages to clients with the banks best interest in mind. This costs the clients many tens and hundreds of thousands of shekel over the life of the mortgage.
We understand the complexity of the Israeli mortgage system and act as an independent go-between our clients and the banks.
We operate independently while representing our clients best interests for all their new mortgage, mortgage refinancing, and leveraged investment needs.
Our mortgage consulting services have assisted many clients in securing exceptional mortgage loans for properties in Israel. We assist in the entire process from getting the loan approval to negotiating the lowest rates with the banks.


Blue Crown Capital - The company

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